It's never too late to rediscover your potential®

And make the next chapter
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You Matter!

We founded Lotus Network based on this belief: It’s never too late to rediscover your potential® and make the next chapter of your life the very best. Our goals are to encourage emotional wellness, promote mental health awareness, and create a safe place for women of all ages to learn, connect, grow and share.

Who we Are

Welcome to the organization that believes it’s never too late to rediscover your potential and make the next chapter of your life the very best.

What We're Here to Do

Lotus Network believes in the power of connections. We raise awareness of purposeful living by inspiring women of all ages to fill their days in authentic and gratifying ways, encouraging women to take on new challenges physically, mentally, and spiritually, and spreading the message that age is no longer a limitation. Last but certainly not least, Lotus Network works to reduce isolation and loneliness by nurturing old friendships, encouraging new relationships, and cultivating a desire for personal growth.

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Our Leaders

Co-Founders Lisa and Leslie have partnered in the event planning industry for the past 36 years, creating memorable events. These co-directors are using their skills to make memories of an entirely different sort with their non-profit, Lotus Network. They have tapped into the positive aging- and women’s movements embraced worldwide. This passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic duo “L and L” is focusing on empowering women to embrace purposeful living and prioritize one’s self. They understand the power of building strong and meaningful connections and want to encourage all women to rise to their full potential.

Our Leaders

Why We Do What We Do


Lotus Network provides opportunities for women to create meaningful connections, personal growth and purposeful living through social and educational resources.


We envision a world where all women, regardless of age, stage of life, geography or identity, feel meaningfully connected to a community and are empowered to find their unique purpose.

Our Brand

Annual Report 2021

Our 2021 Lotus Network Annual Impact Report highlights our achievements and endeavors. Please take a peek to see how we are striving for meaningful connections and realizing our potential. We would like to send a huge shoutout of gratitude to you, and the other generous and ongoing supporters of our community. Our goal is to continue providing new ways to connect with yourself and others by providing inspiring programming and opportunities to engage.

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Current Topic

It’s Never Too Late To Embrace the Possible

Learn how to become a survivor, not a victim, and move forward in light of hardship. Learn what it takes to turn tragedy into triumph.

A native of Hungary, Dr. Edith Eva Eger was just 16 years old in 1944 when she experienced one of the worst evils the human race has ever known. But Dr. Eger has always found ways to use her personal experiences to inspire, educate and help others. In her book, she details how the synergy of working with and learning from her patient’s perspectives has enriched her life experiences and outlook.

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Upcoming Topic

It's Never Too Late to Change the World One Action at a Time

Listen to Lisa’s amazing story of passion and learn the devastating and hidden impacts of plastic waste on our planet, our taxes, and our health. Dedicating yourself to just one thing can change your life. Following your heart and listening to your moral center can take you farther than you ever thought you could go.

Lisa D. Foster, Ph. D., ACC is a business coach whose mission is to help managers become better leaders by using emotional intelligence to create the conditions for high performance. In 2005, she founded 1 Bag at a Time, Inc., a first-to-market reusable grocery bag company.

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Featured Guest Book Club

Looking for that book you heard about during a Timely Topic Zoom-In Session? Here you'll find the links to the books written by our Featured Guests.

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Connector Event with Marilyn Sherman

It's Never Too Late to Be Bold, Brave, and Brilliant!

Connect Now with Lotus Network’s Connector Event on June 3rd, 2022, at 6:30 PM MT. Our Keynote Speaker is Marilyn Sherman!

Enjoy a bite of dessert. View original artwork created by Essie Perlmutter and Elaine Asarch. Experience the benefits of good conversation. Honor our Lotus Ladies. Engage with Marilyn Sherman and learn how to sit in the front row of your life and discover the seats of mindfulness, optimism, and contentment.

In-person and virtual tickets are still available!

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Timely Topics: Recurring and Relevant Themes for Discussion

Each month, Lotus Network provides a unique opportunity to explore “It’s Never too Late…” topics. Our live virtual guest speakers share personal experiences, expert advice, wisdom, tools, and resources. These short one-hour segments are current, thought provoking, and sometimes life changing. It is a safe place for women to learn, grow, share and connect. In addition, the website features articles, videos, and various gems of information to further explore each topic.

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Stepping Out: Walking Together

The Stepping Out series motivates you to get moving with three socially-focused walking events in the Denver area.

Stay tuned for the next Stepping Out Event, coming June 2022!

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What you think matters!

Let's Talk About It is your opportunity to connect virtually with other women in a small discussion group setting. Women from across the country can gather together twice a month and discuss topics that build a bridge of inspiration, personal insight, and meaningful connection. So join in on the fun, meet new friends, and find your voice. It's your time to actively engage!

Let's Talk About It events include Timely Topic Follow-up sessions, in which we dive deeper into the content of our current Timely Topic, and Independent Discussions, where we discuss all manner of relevant and thought-provoking issues with like-minded people.

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Lotus Network was founded on this belief: It’s Never Too Late To Rediscover Your Potential® and make the next chapter of your life the very best. Our goals are to encourage emotional wellness, promote mental health awareness, and create a safe place for women to learn, connect, grow, and share. We envision a world where all women, regardless of age, stage of life, geography, or identity feel meaningfully connected to a community and are empowered to find their unique purpose.

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Resources to Further Your Connection with Yourself and Others

Whether you're looking for personal growth, educational and volunteer opportunities, or ways to “pay it forward” and make a difference in our community, we encourage you to get in contact with us and check out all our incredible opportunities to connect.

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You owe this moment to yourself

It's time to blossom

Behold the flourishing Lotus. It takes root in the thickest mud and emerges as a beautiful flower, representing purity of body, speech, and mind. Likewise, in our lives, we sometimes become mired—stuck in the mud, so to speak. With focus, effort, and nurturing from people around us, we arise, blossom, and show the world our beauty.

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Our Values


Developing meaningful connections with the self and others.


Inspiring people to take their first steps.


Practicing honesty and showing respect for others.


Believing in possibilities and expressing passion.


Making conscious and intentional decisions.