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There is so much to be grateful for….

We are proud of The Lotus Seed and how it has evolved over the past 8 months and now reaches over 1600 women all over the world.  This monthly newsletter shares personal stories, educational resources, and connection activities/events which are building new communities and meaningful personal connections.  

Through The Lotus Seed, we have been able to shine the spotlight on noteworthy women within our Lotus Ladies series. Sending a big “Shout Out” to our friend, Amanda Moriuchi who we proudly feature in this edition of The Lotus Seed!  We are inspired by this exceptional young woman’s resolve to think about her own self-worth while keeping in mind what you can and cannot control.  It’s not always the end result, it’s who you are inside that really counts seems to be Amanda’s motto and we love that!  We encourage you to read about Amanda and our other phenomenal Lotus Ladies personal journeys. These Lotus Ladies have given us the honor of sharing their stories in a public fashion and we are filled with gratitude.

Have to tell you how pumped we are about our upcoming hybrid Connector Event! It’s the first time the Lotus Network community will have the opportunity to gather together in person and to be honest we couldn’t be happier!  We have missed you! So please mark your calendars and join us on January 30th at 3 P.M. for tea, conversation, and re-connection.  We have the pleasure of honoring all of our Lotus Ladies and listening to our featured guest “Hall of Fame Speaker’,’ Marilyn Sherman. Marilyn will share her encouraging words of wisdom about getting out of the balcony seat and moving to the front row seat of your life. Register Today!!

Make sure to REGISTER for our upcoming Timely Topic with Nhi Aronheim. Nhi is the author of her awe-inspiring memoir, “Soles of A Survivor” and we are truly lucky to be given the privilege of presenting her as our featured speaker on December 14th at noon. This indomitable strong-willed, 4’ 11” powerhouse of a woman will share her journey from Vietnam to Colorado and her harrowing story of survival.  This is a must-read and one of the most riveting books we have read in a long time.

November’s Timely Topic featured Angie Hartman. Angie, a board-certified health coach, gave us the tools to live a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season and beyond. We learned how to have the confidence to listen to our own bodies when it comes to food and exercise. How to take each day in stride rather than waiting until “next week” to make a change. Set aside some time to listen to her powerful talk

It’s always fun to have something to look forward to! Check out the other Lotus Network events planned for 2022.  Be on the lookout for an in-person opportunity to connect with American journalist and author, Elizabeth Gilbert this coming May and in June, tee-off for Lotus Network’s Inaugural Golf Tournament where you can swing into action and play a round of golf with your besties.  How exciting does this all sound!

Shout-out to Andrea Hyatt, our newest Lotus Blossom Giving Community member. She joins: Lisa Cook, Deborah Daly, Cathy Fleischmann, Sandy Fried, Emeri Handler, Leslie Heins, Florrie Katchen, Diane Levine, Jani Majewski, Julie Morse, Essie Perlmutter, Lynn Robinson, Louanne Saraga Walters, Joey Wasko, and Tricia Youssi as a founding member. We are so appreciative of these charitable women and their $1,000 donation that is helping Lotus Network reach its goal of $50,000 before the end of 2021. Make an impact today. Your contribution will support our mission so please consider joining (Link) the Lotus Blossom Giving Community.

As you have read, we have identified so many reasons to be grateful.  All of these positive perspectives give us reason to continue to strive to create programming that nourishes our souls. Special thanks to the beautiful individuals in Lotus Network’s world that make our hearts sing and continue to supply the motivation for our deep desire to make a difference in our mothers, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends’ lives.

Time seems to be going so fast. We are pausing, looking around, and appreciating all the little things that have helped to make our lives full. You are one of them!! Hope your Thanksgiving gathering was meaningful and wrapped in the wonderful feelings that connecting and gratitude brings.

Lisa and Leslie

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